I&M Bank and Visa International announced on Wednesday thats I&M Bank has acquired Merchant E-payment service, traders and businesses both locally and internationally will be able to accept online payments through credit and debit cards on their websites.


This comes as good relief to the Kenyan ICT innovators setting up online shops and not able to accept Credit and Debit cards because of lack of merchant services locally. There is an increase in usage of plastic money in the form of credit and debit cards in Kenya with local banks witnessing increased demands.

I & M claims to have 2.2 million visa debit cardholders and more 111,000 credit card holders.

  • John

    Can we have a model of merchant accounts build around Mpesa.

  • I have also been thinking of this and today I asked MJ and he just said that Safaricom was thinking of integrating that

  • mau

    Does this deal change the status of Kenyan accounts when it comes to withdrawing from Paypal?

  • Not yet but if Banks adopt it then we will have Paypal availeable easily locally