Naton Media Group charting new frontiers with African Review

As we reported earlier, Nation Media Group has now corrected the errors on their new Beta website called Africa Review. The website runs on the same script Daily Nation, The East African and Business Daily is running on. The website domain was created in February 2009 so its something which Nation planned for a long time. Apparently Nation owns also 20 other domains which they might be using to launch other products.

The website seems to be hosted at Network Solutions as opposed to Daily Nation which is hosted at UUNET and 365 Digital Primedia servers in South Africa have back ups for the same. Business Daily is hosted at World News servers in UK. I think that its because of the fact that BD was the brainchild of Jenny Luesby who was a lead consultant and she was driving almost everything in the new baby until she hit a brick wall with Paul Richu who was the Chief IT Officer until sometimes in 2007 when there was a big divide between the management in the run-up to the general elections.

We are just not able to understand how it is going to compete with the East African which has been the source of in-depth analysis from not only East but also other parts of Africa.

I have a big problem with how Nation Media websites are formatted. The website articles, when long, are divided into pages which I dont like. You know that reading a long article in a computer then you click, page 1 then 2 and so on is just boring. Why dont they just make them brief.

Why is the website in Beta? Beta means that its a test version. Now they are testing the uptake or testing the system? I also doubt if the target market is so much social as its the first Nation Media Group website with social media widgets on it.

The current edition has articles which to me looks like the usual copy paste though some looks to be original. SO what do you think of the new product?


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