ICT board Kenya is carrying out an online internet usage survey though TNS Research International. The research which is the first in a series of those being done online reached my inbox this morning and I enjoyed filling it. Its a very laudable effort and its owrth a try.

If you have not filled the research, you can get it HERE

  • me

    this poll is a great example of how not to do online polls.

    first it takes forever to load
    secondly – it takes toooo looooong! can you imagine a poll that takes an hour to complete.

    I took it but refused to finish after going for half an hour with no end in sight.

    the poll is poorly constructed, too long, lacks response to user feedback and the data is structured that it will be completely unusable.

    this is classic government bureaucracy where people get contracts because the are there not because they have any specific competence is a specific field. This TNS international know nothing about web polls.

    This is a complete fail on the part of the ictboard.