Kindle DX now available globally with global Wi-Fi?

Good news at long last. But why didnt Amazon announce it for all to hear. Its not yet even on Amazon Blog and Press release link. Anyway all in all its a great news for us.

I got this alert from Engadget of the availeability of Kindle DX to the global book lovers. When I logged into my Amazon account and checked, I have found out that I can now buy Amazon Kindle DX and ship it and use it in Kenya.  Amzon Kindle was running Whispernet Wireless system which was only availeable in USA.

This is good news to the African book lover as they will now be able to download and read books without the hassle of carrying many bulky books. With a price tag of just under Ksh 20,000, Amazon Kindle is sure going to make headlines locally.

What do you think of this news? If you need the Amazon Kindle ordered for you for Kenyan delivery, leave a comment below


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