Kenyan e-commerce websites limping but moving along

Kenyan e-commerce are definitely coming of age. The new entrant in the scene is Kalahari which has integrated even m-pesa as a payment method in their website. The website sells Books, Electrnics, Aparels and other goods. The only problem with most of the local e-commerce sites is that you cannot do an online purchase 24/7 and the time spent from order to delivery is actually longer than taking a bus from Mombasa to Nairobi to go and pick the stuff from a physical shop.

But we hope that the game is going to change and that they are going to learn from competitors like Mama Mikes which apparently seems to be failing in the game. Mama Mikes has been in the field long enough to have its own warehouse and packaging team. But when you seen that Mama Mike still operate from backstreet with very worried staff and not much of an office is a big show that maybe the game needs re-invention.

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