KDN Dar es salaam link test

Wakubwa Shikamoo wadogo hamjambo! Word has it that KDN has entered the Tanzanian Data market with impending launch very soon. KDN has been setting up its centre in the seaside town and is expected to unveil its services and products in the mid January or later in the month.

The KDN centre seems to be out to target home subscriber unlike its operations in Kenya where its been known more of a corporate solution provider. Its Butterfly product has been fighting for its life in Kenya with it even being given for free during the month of December.

The link test carried by a friend living in Dar es salaam is impressive with downloads of upto 12Mbps.

Kenya Data Networks

KDN has products live VOIP (Izzy Talk), Portal (Butterfly), Blog (Sikkika), Video Streaming (Kikasha), and Marketplace (Pepea) which is also yet to go live. It will be interesting to see how Tanzania Data giant Simbanet, which also has Kenyan roots, handles the competition.

We have been sending Vincent Wangombe who is the Chief Marketing officer at KDN requests for communications on this but he is yet to respond.

I have now talked to Vincent Wagombe and he has confirmed that they are soon launching in Dar es salaam and are working with a Tanzanian operator on a partnership agreement.