PHOTOS: Timeline Events Of The Dusit D2 Terror Attack

At around 3.30pm, an loud explosion suspected to be of a suicide bomber was heard at 14 Riverside drive at Secret garden Restaurant near Dusit D2 hotel.

The attackers came aboard two vehicles, one which they blew upon entry and the other one which has been cordoned by the police, a Toyota saloon car registration number KCN340E.

The vehicle used in the attack. It had a bomb and has been blown up
Several Cars were exploded

Heavy gunshots raged with security personnel being called to neutralise the attack.


Some body parts were spotted at the scene, with several people being reported dead.

DCI George Kinoti arrived at the scene at around 4pm, minutes after the Recce, Flying Squad arrived at the scene.

Recce squad security officers advanced into the hotel to try and neutralize the attackers at around 4.25 pm, with the Kenya Air Force team arriving five minutes later.

The terrorists are reported to be going door-to-door even as the security teem makes their way in.

Terror group Al-shabaab have so far claimed responsibility of the attack. They shared the information through an affiliate account.

It is reported that the attack was carried out by six armed militants.

Today’s Dusit D2 attack on 14 Riverside Drive comes exactly three years after the deadly Al-Shabaab attack on Kenya military base in Somalia’s El-Adde town where about 140 Kenya soldiers were killed.

Written by Francis Muli

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