’12 Years A Slave” Stars Michael Fassbender and Lupita Nyong’o Dating

Michael Fassbender 36 and Lupita Nyong’o 31 are reportedly dating. Michael and Lupita both starred in the 12 years a slave movie with Michael playing Edwin Epps  who was the cruel slave master who went ahead and raped his subject whom he was obsessed with, Patsey (played by Lupita Nyong’o).

Michael and Lupita have reportedly been in an ON and OFF relationship but Michael now claims that he wants to take it seriously as he believes that they have genuine chemistry.

Sources close to the two have intimated to The Independent magazine in UK that the couple “have an incredible connection after the whirlwind of filming 12 years a Slave and then promoting it together.”

Michael even went ahead and brought his mother and not any other woman to the Toronto Film Festival to show his seriousness with Lupita. Michael was in a relationship with Gerard Butler’s ex-girlfriend Madalina Ghenea but grew close to Lupita while filming the movie.

The real Edwin Epps played by Michael had lewd intentions with Patsey especially while drunk.

According to UK’s The Evening Standard, Lupita explained their love thus;

“Michael and I had a ritual that we never even really spoke about – we would make nice right before a scene, and then we’d make nice after a scene.

Just looking into each other’s eyes, an embrace, a squeeze of the hands – that would button the scene.

And at the end of the day when the director Steve McQueen said cut, we would go out and enjoy the freedom that these people we were playing has granted us.”

What can we add.

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