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Why The 10bet Launch In Kenya Has Captured Interest From Politicians


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The recent news from 10bet, which is one of the most popular sites in the online casino and betting industry, about their decision to launch their services in Kenya has certainly caught the attention of many. Furthermore, politicians are no exception.

For a variety of reasons which we will be discussing throughout this article, politicians have seemingly taken a keen interest in the topic surrounding 10bet and their recent announcement.

In this article, we will be going more in detail about the services in which 10bet will be offering to Kenyans, as well as why this has garnered so much interest from politicians.

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Evidence of an Evolving Kenya

Perhaps one of the most telling signs of when a country is becoming more and more developed is when businesses and companies deem it a profitable venture in order to get there.

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This is because countries that are underdeveloped usually have little to no access to any technology, as well as lack the spare capital to spend. However, 10bets recent announcement goes to show that Kenya is no longer considered a no-go zone for businesses.

Kenya is quickly becoming a hotspot for medical technology, and this as well as a plethora of other factors is what has begun to garner interest from a variety of different countries who are now considering that the potential venture of offering their services in Kenya may now be more than fruitful.

This means that now that people will be able to play on 10bet live in Kenya, it also has a plethora of ways in which could potentially attract other businesses, which is why politicians are watching this ordeal so closely.

Of course, politicians like to keep a keen eye on how their country is doing, and by keeping track of how many businesses open up in Kenya that are also monitoring the rate in which Kenya is progressing.

It May Draw Attention from Other Established Companies

As we touched upon briefly in the last section, now that a popular site like 10bet has decided to open up in Kenya, it could also provide the knock-on effect of making other businesses reconsider whether or not Kenya is now a suitable country to launch their businesses.

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This is likely to cause a snowball effect in which the more businesses that Kenya attracts creates a never-ending feedback loop where more and more businesses want to get involved, and this is going to be a great thing for Kenya which exponentially increases the rate at which it develops.

Africa is already becoming a hotspot for new businesses, and 10bet’s move has opened the door for digital or online companies to get involved too.

Now that other companies will have seen the news about 10bet deciding to launch in Kenya, there will likely be a substantial number of other businesses who follow suit, creating the best betting Africa landscape.

This kind of potential easily has the ability to capture the interest of politicians, and this seems to be exactly the case.

Even though the fact that an online casino and betting site moving to Kenya is seemingly such a small thing, for a vast number of people, this means much more than that.

This means that the perception of how the world views Kenya is changing, and companies are beginning to see that Kenya is a great place for them to launch their business.

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Sure, there are certainly still a lot of poor areas in Kenya, there is no arguing that. There are still some locations in which people struggle to even obtain necessities such as food and water. Although, there are also a multitude of locations in Kenya that are more than capable of accessing online content, while at the same time having excess income to spend on said companies.

Overall, the fact that 10bet will now be offering its betting and online casino services to the people of Kenya is an amazing change. It’s no secret that countries in South Africa can oftentimes be misunderstood and some people tend to overlook South Africa when it comes to business ventures. However, now that a relatively large company such as 10bet has ventured into Kenya it may pave the road for many other businesses to follow.

It’s no wonder that this recent news has captured the interest of politicians and 10bets venture into South Africa may affect much more than just the online casino and betting industry.

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